Soulplay Hard Zone - Boys Noize

Soulplay Hard Zone — Boys Noize

With Boys Noize

Boys Noize в программе Soulplay Hard Zone со своим свежим блокбастером!

Другая сторона Soulplay Radio! Каждую пятницу в 23:00 не забудь возбудить свои нейронно-любовные электроны жарким пульсом от Soulplay Radio! Welcome to HARD ZONE!

«There are few names within electronic music as widely known as that of Boys Noize. The producer and label boss often casts an array of debate as to the relevance of his sound amongst the underground. However, it is difficult to challenge his selection policy in the booth, his tastes more informed than most. This was perhaps most visible on his addition to the fabric mix series which featured music from the likes of I-F, DJ Deeon and more. However, it was still called into question by “heads” if you will.

Now he steps up to our mix series with a fresh selection of tracks designed to ignite, excite and no doubt challenge. What’s the point if people aren’t talking about you eh?»