Soulplay MixBox - Goldroom

Soulplay MixBox – Goldroom

With Goldroom

Wrestling with the passage of time is a challenge that always seems to rear it’s head just as the days are reaching their shortest. The air is cool, the trees have lost their leaves, music is bouncing around the world, and here we are again together, just like last year. The world has changed around us, but aren’t we right where we were? This time of year is always an impenetrable fog. Judging your place in the world, especially in THIS world, or at least the strange dystopian one we’ve created for ourselves, is near impossible. What do we even have to cling to, as fall turns to winter and the nights are longer and colder? Underneath everything else at least we can share some music – across continents and oceans and time zones. Music for lonely mornings and drunken nights. Music for closing your eyes to. Music to take us somewhere else. Where do we go from here?

This is for anyone who’s out there paying any attention. I released a record a couple of months ago and the entire process of putting it into the world and then going on the road to play the songs has left my head spinning. It’s hard to tell which direction is up these days. I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have these mixes to put together. They’re my therapy and I hope maybe they can be the same for you.

Much love,