Soulplay MixBox - Les Loups

Soulplay MixBox — Les Loups

With Les Loups

Слушай каждую пятницу | субботу | воскресение, ровно в 21:00 по MSK, программу Soulplay MixBox на Soulplay Radio и в понедельник в 23:00 (эксклюзивный бонус).

Hamburg trio Les-Loups bring us an hour’s worth of fresh balearic and disco sounds, perfect for this crisp weather🌱.

«For our first tape this year, we all pretty much felt a need for some balearic sounds. Spreading some positivity and hope. A dreamy and energetic journey with tunes by the likes of Telephones, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Le Knight Club and Moullinex – for whom we just finished our next remix. – Les Loups».