Soulplay MixBox - Bee's Knees

Soulplay MixBox — Bee’s Knees

With Bee's Knees

Aaron Spiro and Adam Novoder. We have partnered with them to deliver this very electrifying mix and their attention to music curation is incredibly hypnotic. They have been taking LA by storm opening for pioneers like @snbrn, @drfresch, @matoma-official, and @louisthechild in addition to their splendid performance at Splash House. We’re excited to see what comes in store with this dynamic duo.

This mix is the Bee’s Knees.


  1. Stand on the word (Larry Levan Mix) – Joubert Singers
  2. Laroque – Franc Moody
  3. Ghostboy – Robotaki
  4. Faceless – Kyolo
  5. Electrified – Sam Wills
  6. Safe Till Tomorrow (Bee’s Knees Remix) – Morgan Page
  7. Spire – Girls
  8. Rainbow Days – Arian Cook
  9. Sometimes (Bee’s Knees Remix) – SNBRN
  10. Go Fuck Yourself – Two Feet

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