Soulplay MixBox — Cavego

Soulplay MixBox — Cavego

With Cavego

Один из смых востребованных норвежских продюсеров Cavego со своим миксом в субботу на Soulplay Radio.

The artist, DJ and producer Even Gillebo was born in Lier, Norway, but later found his way to the beautiful city of Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Having always had an exceptional ear for music from a very young age, Even Gillebo started his musical journey in 2009.

Слушай каждую пятницу | субботу | воскресение, ровно в 21:00 по MSK, программу Soulplay MixBox на Soulplay Radio и в понедельник в 23:00 (эксклюзивный бонус)

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